Well hello! Laura Lima here, founder and owner Go To Health. Allow me to tell you a little bit more about myself, why I chose to become a nutritionist, and how I help people.

First off, I started this company back in 2007 because I saw a need for more and more people to not only learn the power and importance of proper nutrition, but also how to incorporate it into their busy lives and keep it realistic.

I am a certified and registered holistic nutritionist and official Zumba® instructor. (If you live in Hamilton, Ontario, come out and try a class… your first class is free!) I graduated in 2007 from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition with First Class Honours, and also received my diploma an Advanced in Holistic Nutrition through the Edison Institute of Nutrition.

Before I entered the awesome world of nutrition, I studied Aesthetics & Cosmetology, graduating with Honours and moving full-steam ahead to work full-time at a spa. While it was a mostly enjoyable experience for me, I knew that I was involved in only one piece of the puzzle; healthy-looking skin, a toned, firm body, and even all-over wellbeing, come from the inside. So, I moved on over to the nutrition and health field and started helping my clients get healthy from the inside out.

I have also studied iridology, which allows one to assess the health of various tissues of the body by studying the iris. My passion is in helping others reach their true potential and feel their best. I truly believe that symptoms are merely signs of an imbalance in the body, and only when that imbalance is corrected will the person get better and start feeling great.

Today, my time is spent writing my blog, recording live videos on Facebook, connecting with my community in our private Facebook group, and teaching classes. I’m currently creating an online nutrition course that will be available soon, and I’m teaching a 10-week healthy living program in Hamilton, Ontario (the next one starts on September 24, 2017).